Practice Areas

  • This involves any claims that may arise out of or in the course and scope of a worker’s employment. This includes specific injuries, cumulative trauma claims and occupational injuries. Mr. Lopez defends employers and their insurance carriers/third party administrators to ensure the worker receives those benefits to which they may be entitled, but more importantly, [..]

  • These claims involve injuries which occur on or near the waterfront. Mr. Lopez defends Maritime employers whose employees work at or a near shipyards, and their work duties involve maritime work. These claims require knowledge of the factors necessary to identify those employees who may or may not be covered under he Longshore Act. While [..]

  • This involves incidents which are caused by the act or omission of a third party, not a worker’s co-employee. Even under these circumstances, if all requirements are met, the worker will be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits from his employer. However, if the injuries suffered by a worker were due to the fault of [..]