Rudy H. Lopez

Rudy H. Lopez


Rudy H. Lopez is one of the leading worker’s compensation defense attorneys in the San Diego area.

In 1992, Mr. Lopez graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. After graduation, he returned to his home town of Coachella, CA, working as a Teacher in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. He then moved on to attend California Western School of Law in 1993 where he graduated in 1996 and passed the California Bar that year. Since 1996, he has been practicing in all of the courts of the State of California, and is also licensed to practice in the United States Federal District Court for the Southern District of California and the California Court of Appeal.

In 1999, after three years of working as a plaintiff’s attorney handling motor vehicle and Jones Act cases, Mr. Lopez joined England, Trovillion, Ponticello & Demakis where he began his career as a defense workers’ compensation attorney. He worked with this until 2005 when he joined Goldman Magdalin Krikes, LLP. Mr. Lopez went on to become a minority share holder with GMK and ultimately served as managing partner of the San Diego office from 2011 – 2013 before departing in 2013. In 2013, Mr. Lopez joined the firm of Manning & Kass, Ellrod Ramirez Trester, LLP where he continued his practice of handling the defense of workers’ compensation and Longshore claims.

In February of 2014, Mr. Lopez opened his own office to promote and further bolster his philosophy of a three part teamwork in the defense of worker’s compensation claims–hence the triangle in the offices’ logo. Through his years of experience, Mr. Lopez understands that in order to aggressively yet strategically handle each claim, the input of the employer, the carrier, and their counsel, is vital to ensure the best result is achieved for each separate circumstance.